L02 First blog post

Welcome to my Personal Reflection Blog for my Web Business Class. I am to post my reflections on what I have learned each week in class. This is my first blog post, being made for Lesson 02.

I would have to say that the most important thing I learned this week is that the Google AdWords service is not just for creating/purchasing AdWords. It can be extremely helpful in exploring possible website topics and keywords. The results that appear can display the demand or popularity of various keywords and keyword phrases. It also displays the ‘competition’ for those words. As Google describes it, this is “the number of advertisers that showed on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google.” As I understand it, it refers to how much competition you will have with other sites trying to reach searchers of those key words. The competition results are in number form that can be calculated out to the levels of High, Medium, and Low. Obviously, you want to have low competition.

The next interesting thing that I learned is that the results from this tool may surprise you. For our activity we were comparing keyword searches for chess and snowboards to discover which would be a better type of website to run. I was certain that snowboards would have better results than chess, but I was wrong. When you factor in the level of competition for the keywords, Chess was the better choice. There are a lot fewer competing sites that are trying to reach potential visitors from the chess keywords. Our conclusion was that an informational website about chess that sells advertising would likely do much better business than a website that sells snowboards.

This week, I also learned a little more about business models. Here are the resources that we had to learn from (which I want to remember):

Business Models on the Web

BizThoughts Brainstorming Business Ideas

That should do it for this week. I am excited about my Entrepreneurial Journey and the great things I will be able to do in my future.


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